Steamy Windows

Have your double glazed windows steamed or misted up? Do you find condensation inside your double glazed units? Don't spend more than you need. We can repair your double glazed windows at a fraction of the cost.

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steamy windows

Handles, Locks and Hinges

New handles can be installed to your existing frames whether they are broken or just a bit tired and worn or for security purposes. If you want to change the appearance of your windows and doors with a more modern handle or a different finish, we have dozens of handles to choose from in brown, white and chrome.

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Handles, Locks and Hinges

Letter Boxes

"Help the postman has just broken my letter box!", "The telephone directory has just been delivered and broken my letter box, what now?", "The flap for my letterbox has fallen off!". For all these problems Home Secure Window Maintenance can help.

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Home Secure Window Maintenance

Repairs for Windows Logo Do your double-glazed windows look dirty even after you have cleaned them? Condensation on the inside of the units can ruin the look of your windows but replacing the units can make them look like new again.

That is where Home Secure Window Maintenance comes in. Since 1990 we have been curing window panes across Kirklees.

We are perfect for people whose window guarantees have run out, or if your window company no longer exists. We visit home all across the Kirklees area to offer repairs and renovations at competitive prices. We offer, where possible, an instant response to all your windows and door problems.

We also carry out all manner of UPVC, aluminimum and hardwood door and window repairs, fitting new state of the art handles and locks to windows and doors. We also replace sprained hinges why not fit a new letterbox.

Home Secure Window Maintenance, taking care of Double Glazing Repairs in Kirklees.